Looking To Travel With Your Vaping Device? 5 Things You Should Know

Looking To Travel With Your Vaping Device? 5 Things You Should Know

Are you skeptical about carrying your vape on your travels? Unsure of how to carry your vape safely? Scared of leakages that can ruin your trip? 

If you follow the right measures, you can easily carry your vape around on your trip.

Here are 5 things you should keep in mind while traveling with your vape.

Pack Your Vaping Device Appropriately 

Some precautionary steps are critical for packing your vape for travel. First and foremost, empty e-liquid from the tank. This is to avoid leakages during airport pass-through

 Secondly, to avoid your vape being damaged during travel, make sure to wrap your vape protectively in a suitable fabric.

Don't Forget E-liquid

There are lots of reasons why you should bring your e-liquid on your next trip. Firstly, bringing your e-liquid is a great way to save your coins on the journey. Secondly, it's uncertain as to if you will be able to find your favorite flavors at your destination. Finally, having your favorite flavor may help you loosen up and calm down during traveling stress. 

Bring a Disposable Vape And an Extra Battery 

If you are bringing a disposable vape, make sure to bring enough disposables for your whole trip. After all, you don't want to risk buying poor-tasting vape flavors from your destination. 

Moreover, bringing batteries and chargers for your rechargeable vape is a must. Furthermore, most vapors tend to bring a backup vape in case their primary vape runs out or gets damaged. This is a smart tip to ensure you always have your vape with you. 

Avoid Public Display of Vaping Devices

It's best to keep your vape hidden most time while traveling. It might be the case that the destination of your travel is not normalized with the vape culture. Apart from this, it's hard to ignore legal and cultural stigmas around vape.

Another important place to keep your vape out of sight is on airplanes. Due to possible hazards on planes due to vape, almost all airlines have banned vaping on planes. You can check your airline rules before vaping, and if it is allowed, make sure to vape in a private space like a bathroom. 

See the Local Laws 

This is probably the most important one on the list. You should check local laws around vaping in the country you are traveling to.

Some countries have completely banned vaping, while in some others, vaping is legal, but there are regulations as to where you can't vape, such as in public spaces like a shopping mall or a restaurant, etc.

So, the bottom line is to research vaping laws in the country you are traveling to avoid getting into legal trouble.


To sum up, you should take care of a few things during your travels. Remember to bring extra batteries and disposable vape, keep it hidden, especially in public spaces and check local laws of your destination around vaping.

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