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Delta 10 vs Delta 8

Like delta 8 and delta 9, delta 10 is also a form of THC. However, it’s another variant that offers users a smoother high than delta 9. Delta 10 has a slightly more substantial psychoactive effect than delta 8, but it’s still not as strong as delta 9. Delta 10 is used for its potential therapeutic value for stress and tension. This makes it a popular choice for people who want to enjoy a more relaxed feeling.

How Long Does Delta 8 Stay In Your System?

Delta-eight is relatively new, so how long it can stay in your system isn’t completely understood yet. As a rule of thumb, you should always air on the side of caution. If you have to take a drug test, delta-8 may show up since current drug tests are still not able to detect the difference between different types of THC. The more often you use delta-8, the longer it will stay in your system. For most users, delta-8 will remain in their system for thirty days. However, it may stay in your system for longer.

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