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Trap University LOW RIDER OG – THCA + THCP + D9 2G VAPE

Trap University LOW RIDER OG – THCA + THCP + D9 2G VAPE

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● 2000mg of live resin THCA liquid diamonds, THC & THCP + D9

● Auto Draw with Dual Airflow

● 2000 puffs guaranteed

● Rechargeable USB-C

● Disposable

● Lab tested for premium quality


Get ready to cruise through clouds of flavor Vape! Packed with 2 grams of the ultimate trio – THCP, THCA, and a hint of D9 – all wrapped

Just take a hit and get a taste of the goodness. It’s like the perfect blend of earthy and citrus vibes, just like the sweet aroma that wafts through the streets of San Andreas. Each puff is a nod to the lowriders, the palm trees, and the laid-back vibes of LA.

Grab the Low Rider OG Vape, throw on your favorite radio station, and let the flavor take you on a ride through the streets. It’s not just a vape; it’s a taste of Los Santos in every exhale. Who’s ready to roll with style?



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